How should I pay lease, if I dont have Social Security Number?

This is real life negotiation,
Im renting a new apartment (move-in May 9th)
But move-out from the current apartment is April 30th
I need to negotiate the following problems with at least 5 strategies from the power point.
Remember to focus your paper on analyzing the use of strategies.
– I need to negotiate when I move-in to a new apartment.
– Negotiate when I move-out with the apartment I live in now.
– Over stay after the contract, how much would it cost. (She told me it cost a full month lease)
– Because the date between my rent finish and the date I can move-in has six days.
– Where should I stay during that six days (a week)?
– Can I brow or rent a storage in the apartment community? (It says only could rent for a year; can I only rent or borrow for a week?)
– Can I move-in earlier?
– If it is possible, when people come to clean up and change now carpet
– The earliest move-in was May 1st and it is Sunday; will the office open? Do they have staff on Sunday giving key to me?
– How should I pay lease, if I dont have Social Security Number?
– Why should I pay amenity fee; because I usually dont use gym, etc..
– Can I change to other room after I paid application fee?
– Can I change the room after I live in there and neighbor is too noisy?
(these are must be included and I need few more negotiation comes out from you)