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The title of the sample MLA essay is Clothing Research and Potential Purchase.


India is the world’s second-most populous country, with a total population of 1.213 billion citizens, accounting for nearly 15 percent of the world’s total population. The majority of this population (70 percent) resides in rural locations scattered throughout the country ( Despite the country’s great economic progress in recent years, a large portion of the population in India lives on less than a dollar a day, which has contributed to the continuous growth of slums in the vicinity of its major cities. This increase is partly a result of the tremendous increase in the population of India over the course of the last few decades. As a result, a large community of slum residents has developed, who are unable to afford even the most basic of necessities despite the government’s efforts to improve the infrastructure ( If this project is successful, it will result in an improvement in the living conditions of slum people.

Example of a subheading in an MLA citation: Clothing Research Proposal

The majority of individuals who live in the slums are below the poverty line, which has an impact on their capacity to buy adequate clothing and other necessities. India, which has a record of 18 national languages, has rich civilizations that are rooted in many traditions and religions, including Hinduism ( In order to achieve this, they have created a great deal of variety in their attire styles, demonstrating great sensitivity to the many social strata of individuals. Furthermore, the Indian dress code is far more conservative, with clothing that covers the majority of the body deemed appropriate, particularly for women, in most cases. In the United States, like in many other parts of the world, social interchange has had an impact on fashion, particularly in and around major cities. In turn, this has resulted in the innovative fusion of Indian wearing patterns with those of the Western world. This is visible in the type of clothing that college students in big cities wear on a regular basis. The sort of clothes chosen for the project must take into account the diverse traditions and faiths practiced by the local community, as well as the climate. It is also necessary to take into account the consequences of urbanization in slums where the population is made up of people with a variety of cultural traditions. Gender has a role as well, as both men and women have their own distinct dressing styles that are modestly recognized regardless of their cultural background. Women’s attire, on the other hand, is influenced by the culture and religion followed in the area, as well as the climatic circumstances of the area. Despite the fact that the slums are a hotbed of social and cultural interchange, a significant portion of the population nevertheless adheres to and maintains their traditional dress code.

Sample MLA essay using the title: Women’s Clothing Fashion.

The saree is a traditional Indian cloth that is worn by millions of women every year. Wearing this attire gives the person who is wearing it a sense of grace. When draping the cloth over the body in various forms, it can be fashioned from a simple or embroidered strap of clothing that has a length of approximately four to nine yards in length (design These, in turn, provide information about an individual’s social status, age, religion, and profession. Among the most prevalent draping methods is the Gujarati, which involves taking the pallu from the backside and crossing it across the front side of the shoulder. A saree is draped in Bengali, as opposed to other styles, which do not include pleating. When wearing a Maharashtrian saree, the saree is longer and flows through the legs before being tucked at the back. The ability to travel more freely is something that slum residents rely on in order to earn a livelihood. Teenagers will generally dress in half sarees, which are comprised of a langa and a choli, with the stole serving as a saree in some situations (design A large number of jeans and kurta combinations have been seen recently, giving them a more modern appearance while still keeping their traditional background. Various vocations have also compelled women to forgo traditional dress, resulting in the wearing of skirts, trousers, and shirts, which allows them to fit into the workplace environment more easily. Sleeveless tops are also popular among urban teenagers, but they are rarely seen in traditional Indian clothes of the same age. A half saree is worn by children in place of the traditional pavada dress. Despite the fact that it looks to cover a large portion of one’s body, this form of clothing is fairly comfortable, even in hot weather.

The following is the subtitle of the sample MLA essay: Men’s Clothing Style

The dhoti and the kurta are two traditional Indian garments for men, yet the fashion for these garments has changed substantially in recent years. Dhotis are worn by tying them around the waist, sliding them between the legs, and lastly pulling them over the shoulders. In addition, lungi, which can be worn tucked around the waist or left hanging up to knee length, is a traditional dress for Indian males (design The sherwani, which is traditionally worn at wedding rituals, is another common men’s wearing style to consider. The Punjabi suit, kameez, and churidar are also quite popular among men and women. Although kurta pajamas are most commonly associated with men, they can be worn by women as well.

The following is the subtitle of the sample MLA essay: Source

This project should use Indian textile companies to procure the clothing it needs for its participants. A noteworthy example is Chandani Textiles in Mumbai, which has a long and illustrious history in the field of textile manufacture in India. This facilitates the absorption of current societal trends without the need to make a change in personal style or mannerisms.” Additionally, because the local textile industry has an extensive understanding of the many styles and customs, this will aid the society in preserving their cultural history as well. Additionally, because of its large population, labor is readily available, enabling for the production of clothes at a lower cost than anywhere else in the western world. As a result, it is possible to ensure that the clothes reach the target market at the lowest possible price in order to attract additional donations, for example, by setting a price between $5 and $10. However, the current ratio of 940women to 1000men demonstrates that gender should not be heavily considered when determining the size of each commission because the margins are so close (

A subheading for an MLA Citation Example is Distribution.

The most acceptable method of distributing the clothes would be through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as GOONJ, which is one of the world’s largest non-monetary resource organizations. There is a program run by the organization where they redistribute resource used clothing from the well-off in society and distribute it to the less fortunate ( The garments will aid slum inhabitants thanks to the use of their numerous collecting stations located throughout major cities in India, as well as their platform and extensive knowledge of Indian apparel patterns. The group continues to get positive recognition for its abilities to assist society from a variety of organizations, as seen by the numerous accolades it has received. This will ensure that all of the clothes supplied via their program are held to a high standard of accountability.

Example of a Works Cited Page for an MLA Citation: Several sources are cited.

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